Trouble Setting the Directory


I’m a brand new user of SGP, so please excuse what is likely a newbie question.

When I go to set the directory for my sequence image files, I am only able to navigate around my desktop. The directory dialog box does not allow me to move up the directory chain and access, for example, other drives. I note, however, that when I go to save my sequence settings (from the File menu), I now see the usual dialog box that allows me to navigate around my the full file system.

Have I not installed SGP correctly? Should I re-install as administrator, or is there a setting somewhere that needs to be changed?

Thanks for the help!

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Odd, I am not seeing that behavior. Standard windows dialog here, just open “computer” for drives access…


Well, as I said before, I get a standard Windows dialog window when I, for example, save a sequence file. However, the dialog box for setting the directory for a sequence of image files has no buttons for “Computer” in order to access other drives. The result is that I am stuck only able to navigate around my desktop directory. Has anybody else experienced this?

Here’s another question: when first installing SGP, should I run the installer as administrator? I did not do that before.

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I am not seeing that in either case you describe and I am not running as admin.

Ah! At last I have figured it out. The dialog box looked odd to me, and this was preventing me from seeing that the whole Windows file system was actually there. (I’m actually a Linux guy, so you’ll have to cut me a little slack …)

Now I’ll see if I can learn how to use the software over the next couple of hours before the sun sets.