TSX randomly disconnects

All my equipment connects(QHY163M, Atik Filter wheel 2, Pegasus focus cube 2), and I can connect to my MyT. However, at random intervals, the skyx disconnects and I get a dialogue, " External disconnect of telescope detected." TSX software will be shut down and I have to restart the program. I haven’t had this problem in the past, but I now use a new computer and I keep having this issue. I thought it might be power management of the ports, but I’ve disabled power saving and it still occurs. The weird part is PHD2 still guides and the mount accepts the guide pulses.

I had the same issue and I believe it was happening when the filter wheel hit one of the tripod legs. The fix was to enter the correct limits in SkyX TCS slew limits section. That fix the problem and i stopped getting those disconnects and SkyX/ascom crashes. Hope it helps.

Myself and other I know would get this error on HEQ5/EQ6 mounts. Was really annoying. In our case, the solution was to uninstall and reinstall the FTDI driver for the shoestring cable. It always seemed as though the telescope “blipped out” for an instant them came back as PHD2 and EQMOD were always still connected but SGP would disconnect. While not technically an SGP problem, I always wondered why SGP can’t then at least attempt to re-connect to the mount next time it needed to slew; especially as I do a lot of unattended imaging.