Twilight times for Image start/finish Parameters

Hello! It would be helpful if SGPro calculated sunset/sunrise, civil twilight, nautical twilight, and astronomical twilight and allowed these to be used as part of a sequence start/finish times.

Typically, I want to image objects that are above 30 degrees from the horizon and to start/finish after astronomical or nautical twilight.

For example, when I am following a short period variable for photometry, I want to stop the sequence when nautical twilight starts in the morning. At that time, I’ll start my twilight flats sequence and then end the sequence.

Currently, I look up these times separately and input them into a sequence each time I might run it

Having the ability to tell SGPro to start/stop a sequence when it is above 30 degrees and that twilight has (or has not) occurred on that date would be useful.

Thank you and best regards.


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Perhaps merge with Astro Dark added to Planning Tools - Feature Requests - Main Sequence Software

Yes, we’re planning on adding some better context into the planning tools like twilight as well as moon ephemeris.


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Great! Thank you.


Yes, yes, yes please !!!