Two focusers

I am running a side by side setup with an RC6 and 94mm refractor and have a prima Luce Labs electronic focus motor on each scope. In the equipment profile I set up the RC6 with the com port 6 focuser and the 94 with the com port 5 focuser. However, if I change profiles for imaging the connection to the focuser wants to connect to the last focuser that was used and I have to go into the settings for the focuser and select the proper one and then connect to it. Is there any way for the profile manager to select there proper focuser automatically based on the com port?

Unfortunately they are the same focuser as far as SGP is concerned. The ASCOM driver contains the COM port and since it’s the same ASCOM driver for both it is just storing the same com port. Some manufacturers release a “#2” driver that allows you to install the same driver but under a different name…usually like Focuser_2 or similar. This means that you can have distinct properties in each of the drivers and setup your profiles accordingly.

It may be worth asking Prima Luce if they have such a driver or checking on their website to see if they have an alternate focuser driver.


That’s what I thought, since I have to adjust it in the driver properties.

I’ll send Prima Luce Labs an email and see what they have to say.
Thank you for the reply, Jared.


Got a reply from Prima Luce Labs.

“PLAY doesn’t currently have a feature like this, but I welcome your feedback for any future implementations.”

It would be nice if they do consider and implement this as it would be easier when changing profiles and I could set up temperature compensation on my guide scope.

I guess it just depends on how frequently people use 2 of their devices hooked to the same machine. It’s pretty common that people will use an ASI guide cam and an ASI imager, thus they expose 2 ascom drivers that are independent from one another. Similar thing here.


This is true and I’m not holding out much hope they implement this feature for me. I’m not a developer in any way so I have no clue what it takes to do this and temperature compensation isn’t all that important on the guide scope. It’s not that difficult to switch focusers, it just sucks when I forget to switch focusers and start to do an auto focus on the scope that’s already been focused and wonder why the focus graph isn’t changing.

I use Optec focusers… and have 3 focusers running at the same time with no problems.


That’s cool.
I could always install my spare ZWO electronic focuser on one of the Scopes but I was thinking about installing on a different if I get a mount for it.
I’ll just continue doing things the hard way. :joy: