Two stage cooling

I have a ZWO ASI294mc pro which suffers from misting (like a lot of other folk) and the fix from ZWO is to cool to 0C for a few minutes then slowly to final temp (eg -15C). SGP only appears to offer a single cooling temperature so a suggestion/request would be for say 2-step cooling.

SGP has a “Cool down to X in Y” for the camera. Have you tried just extending this cool down period?


Hi Jared,
Yes of course I’ve used the cool to X in Y, but my suggestion is inline with ZWO’s suggestion to cool to W and hold for X then cool to Y in Z.

Thanks for considering it.


This sort of device dependent functionality should be implementeed in the driver, not expecting applications to cope.

Get ZWO to fix their driver.

The ZWO driver works fine for me (or did you mean Zwo embed two stage cooling?) . It was just a suggestion (not a requirement) for two stage cooling in SGP applicable to any device. At the moment I cool to 0, wait a few minutes then proceed to cool to -15. (and I understand others may do something similar). Perhaps I’ll just try what Jared suggested and do a slower cool down.

On the other hand, it would be nice to see fan speed control for those drivers that support it. Or am I missing something and SGP can already deal with it?


I meant that ZWO embed two stage cooling in their driver. If their hardware has special requirements then they should manage this in their driver, not rely on everyone else doing this for them.