Unable to cancel plate solving

My biggest time waster with SGP is the inability to cancel a plate solving process!
Sometimes it’s just not finding anything and I’d like to solve a different part of the sky.
I’m in the Southern Hemisphere. :slight_smile:
Any tips?

While I don’t have any advice specific to SGP’s ability (or lack of it) to actually cancel the operation, I can suggest the following :

If you’re using PlateSolve2, Control Panel -> Plate Solve tab -> “Search”, change the dropdown to “100 Regions” or even “10 Regions” if your mount is typically very accurate.

This, at least, will cause PS2 to waste less time on an unsolvable image…generally if it hasn’t solved in the first couple dozen or so, it ain’t gonna ime.

I have seen this behavior before - or what seems to be the plate solver getting stuck, as I suspect it is just the status banner that gets stuck. It only happens with some plate solvers. As far as I can recall, ASTAP and PinPoint are good.

PlateSolve2 can be hard to wrangle some times… it is not designed to be used by other applications.

Thanks Ken & Buzz
What would you recommend as a reliable alternative?



Thanks, I’ll give it a try.