Unable to Center

I have encountered a significant problem with the sync and center process that now prohibits me from doing unattended or mosaic imaging sessions. When I run “center on” SGP cycles through the standard process (plate solve, slew, plate solve, adjust etc) but seems to settle at around 71pix and will not adjust from there (I have it set to 50pix). It’s perplexing to me because once it settles on this amount it will not adjust further but it it consistently achieves this level of accuracy (eg. I run 7 iterations…if it hits 71pix after the second iteration it remains there for the next 5 iterations without adjusting). When it fails to center the sequence aborts. I have resorted to using “center on” to get the proper frame rotation and then manually centering the target using frame and focus. Unfortunately this doesn’t help me much with mosaics or allow for unattended sessions.

I have done a forum search on the topic and note some other members have encountered a similar problem. I have tried some of the fix suggestions in those posts but they don’t seem to work in my situation.

This only began happening a few weeks ago and I am at a loss to figure out what has happened…prior to this everything was extremely accurate. I am running SGP3.0.2.91 on a Windows 10 PC.

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.