Unable to configure Pinpoint

Dear All.

I recently bought SGP, very impressive. I am in the configuration phase, and I am not able to configure Pinpoint in the control panel. I have the full pinpoint version (not LE). Each time I choose “Pinpoint” in the “Plate Solver Interface” of the control panel, I have the error message “Error creating Plate Solver Pinpoint”.

Any idea to help?

Thank you, Philip

That just means that Pinpoint is either:

  • Not registered in what Windows calls the “Global Assembly Cache” and so SGPro cannot access it. This can usually be solved by uninstall / reinstall.
  • Pinpoint is installed, but not licensed. You can check your Pinpoint license status by opening Visual PinPoint on the machine and see what it thinks about your license status.

Thank you very much for the quick comments. I checked and the licence has to be renewed for support and upgrades but Pinpoint should be functional, it is working perfectly on MaximDL. I have now paid the license renewal and wait for the new key, probably Monday. If this does not work, I will go through the uninstall/reinstall procedure.

I keep you informed

Dear Ken.

I have:

  • Renewed the Pinpoint Licence,
  • Upgraded Pinpoint to V7
  • Uninstalled / reinstalled Pinpoint V7
  • Uninstalled / reinstalled SGP
  • Restarted the computer
  • Indicated the right folder for the CSG11 catalog
  • I am under Windows 11

Unfortunately, the “Setting” button stays gray in the control panel.

I certainly miss something… any security system which may block somewhere?

Thank you for your help

Dear Ken.

I forgot to point out that I installed SGP on 3 computers and I have the same problem on the 3…

BR, Philip

Pinpoint is currently only supported on the 32bit version of SGP. I’m working to change this but that work hasn’t been completed yet.


Dear Jared.

I replaced my SGP 64bit by the 32bit, and it works. Thank you for the help.

I look forward for a futur updat to get back to a SGP 64bit.