Unable to solve using PinPoint and UCAC4 catalog


Has something changed with with Pinpoint setup internally?

With the latest beta I seem to be getting the error message below, sure not see it before.

Its not stopped anything as just switched to the GSC11 catalog and all works fine and would use the USNO A2.0 is could download the thing.

[26/09/2015 21:24:07] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Plate solve exp len: 8
[26/09/2015 21:24:07] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Auto center scope frame failed to solve.Solve failed! The image field is so big that we reached the limit of stars from the UCAC4 catalog.


No, nothing has changed. That said, UCAC4, according to Pinpoint’s author (Bob Denny), should not be used as a solving (pointing refinement) catalog. The general rule of thumb (again according to PP) is this:

If FOV is greater than 15’ use GSC 1.1, otherwise use USNO 2.0.

Thanks Ken, I know I should have swapped catalogues when I moved to the wider fov but forgot but don’t remember seeing that error message before, was an easy fix as did say exactly what was wrong.

Been trying to get USNO 2.0 for a while but seems my ISP is blocked…bit of a pain.

For wide field GSC 1.1 should be just fine.