Unable to use Mosaic wizard

When I typed in the target name and clicked Fetch, RA/DEC found its location, but then alert Error after waiting for a while.

I copied some logs:
[08-03-18 09:46:28.102][DEBUG] [DSS Fetch Thread] MFW: Canvas image download complete…
[08-03-18 09:46:28.102][DEBUG] [DSS Fetch Thread] Fetching canvas at: https://skyview.gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/images?Survey=dss&Return=JPG&Size=2.000&Pixels=1500&position=337.400,-20.833
[08-03-18 09:46:28.102][DEBUG] [DSS Fetch Thread] URI: https://skyview.gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/images?Survey=dss&Return=JPG&Size=2.000&Pixels=1500&position=337.400,-20.833
[08-03-18 09:46:28.103][DEBUG] [DSS Fetch Thread] MFW: Requested canvas image, awaiting response…
[08-03-18 09:46:28.679][DEBUG] [Unknown] MFW: Error downloading canvas image! 操作过程中出现异常,结果无效。 有关异常的详细信息,请查看 InnerException。
[08-03-18 09:46:28.679][DEBUG] [Unknown] 请求被中止: 未能创建 SSL/TLS 安全通道。
[08-03-18 09:46:29.105][DEBUG] [DSS Fetch Thread] MFW: Canvas image download complete…

Chinese character meaning is unable to create SSL/TLS channel. but I tried to visit the uri in the log with my browser and succeeded.