Understanding Manual Rotator Feature

I don’t have an automated rotator…maybe someday soon, but in the meantime I’m trying to get a handle on the manual rotator feature in SGP.

You can set the angle in degrees, but I’m trying to understand how one determines the actual degree value to use and what the base reference point is. The documentation leaves much to be desired in that respect.

So let’s say I’ve got a target plate solved and centered and I’m pointing East. I take a few frames to adjust my composition and get the DSLR set at an angle that works for that composition. Perhaps even the camera is level to the ground. How does one determine the degree angle am I at in order to repeat this on a subsequent night?

The answer is fairly straightforward. The angle of an image is a relative measure. Because of this we standardize on Pinpoint (counter-clockwise from North). Because of this we strongly advise you do not use angles from sources other than SGPro.

Just go to target settings, open any frame from the previous night on the right hand side and solve it. The angle property on the left (the target’s properties) will automatically be populated with the correct angle. The manual rotator will get you to the the previous night’s orientation (assuming you have that box checked).



Appreciate the response. By way of a more concrete, exact and accurate example:

  1. Start SGP

  2. File --> Open Sequence - In my case i opened up my saved sequence for M31.
    Single-click the Gear Icon to the right of the item in the Target List to open the Sequence Settings dialog box.

  3. On the right side of the dialog box, click Browse to open a prior nights image.
    Select and image from the file system location, click Open, and now click Solve.

  4. If the image is plate solved it will return with RA Hint, DEC Hint, Angle, and Scale.
    The Angle returned is the angle from North (Counter Clockwise) to which the DSLR/Camera should be rotated.

  5. If the image isn’t Plate Solved, you can invoke the Blind Solve instead to obtain the same or similar information or if you’ve got Use blind solve failover check for your current profile this should happen automatically.

BTW, the Browse button should have trailing ellipses to conform to UI standards: Browse…