Unexpected meridian flip behaviour

Last night I had a target finishing a minute or two before the meridian flip. The next target was in the east sky, hence there was no need to do a meridian flip.
Still, after finishing the first target, SGP took a plate solve frame and started the meridian flip. Is it supposed to do this?
Another problem I have this season is that after the flip the dome opening is not where it is supposed to be. I don’t remember having this problem last season so I wonder if you guys have done any tweaks to the calculation. To center the telescope in the opening I need to turn the dome about 30 deg. east and then sync it. Not a problem, but it means I have to babysit the MF. (NEQ6 mount/Lesvedome driver). On goto the dome and telescope lines up perfectly.
Finally, I had a strange problem with plate solving. That is ASTAP plate solved OK, but no correction commands were sent to the mount. All three solves ended up at exactly the same pixel values from target. After numerous attempt, parking/unparking the mount, disconnecting the camera etc. I managed to get within 250 pixels and had to live with that. But not how I want it to be.
I tried to upload the logfiles, but couldn’t.

You are not having a good time!
There is a feature in SGP under help, for reporting issues. That should take care of the log files. Otherwise, they are under the help system and also in user/name/appdata/local… too, which is usually a hidden windows folder.

Very close to the meridian can be an uncertain time - depending on whether the mount and computer systems are completely aligned.
It is also possible that you uncovered a special case - where the meridian flip logic was triggered before SGP tested it was on the last sub of the target. If you can identify the log file (the filenames contain timing info) - that would be useful.

OK, I’ll try the new failure report option.