Unnecessary Meridian Flip - Failed

Last night at 4:53:19 image 41 - 10 minutes - completed downloading successfully - Its centered perfectly - and SGP checked if a meridian flip was needed and indicated it was on the west side 92.15 degrees past the meridian so it tried to flip. I don’t understand much after that but it failed and the sequence was aborted at 4:56. At 4:42 SGP had indicated it was on the east side and a flip was not needed. In both cases the mount was not near the meridian. SGP had completed a successful meridian flip earlier in the evening and 4 successful meridian flips in the last 2 nights. Have never had this problem before. Tempted to ignore it - but that never seems to work.

Using EQMOD on an HEQ5 and version of SGP. Log in dropbox.

What pier side modelling are you using in EQMOD? I believe you want to have it set to physical.


Thanks Jared. I’ve had it set to physical for almost a year. In fact I’ve been using version 1.27l with the same settings without that type of problem for nearly a year. However, I’ve noticed that EQMOD versions have moved to 1.28g and one of the updates was changing side of pier so I upgraded last night. Since I use physical I didn’t think that would matter but I can’t think of anything else.

If you notice anything that would help - great - otherwise I’ll continue as is with the new version.

Well, the only thing that I see in that log is that your pier side went from East to West without an actual meridian flip (pier side reflects the side of the pier the scope is on…not the side the scope is looking at) Also were you below the horizon? 90 degrees past the meridian would mean you’re looking at the ground.


I was imaging just over my house. I had assumed it would just clear the peak - only by eyeballing it. However, if it didn’t clear the peak I assumed I would just lose a sub or 2 as the guider was above the scope. I assumed that if the guider lost the guide star then it would go into recovery mode and come back once it cleared the peak. It appears that the guider didn’t lose the guide star and the sub downloaded just before this happened was ok. So, the guider was ok but the scope may have been pointing at my house. However, it certainly wouldn’t be pointing near the ground.


I’m having the exact same problem.
EQMod is set to physical. This problem never happened, only in the last 3 nights (since i updated SGP, but thats probably a coincidence)

Here’s my post: Meridian flip early morning even if meridian is far away

Kind regards, Graem