Upcoming Changes

First thoughts: No good news here!


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April Fools?

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Ha! Ha! Very funny guys :smile:


It is too late in the day on this side of the pond to be still thinking about April Fools! Hands up - well caught :blush:

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I took it seriously until I saw the changes in the EULA…

Maybe the SGP Devs instead of changing silly UI features, can add some important and useful features such as…

  1. “Make rain stop” button
  2. “Make clouds go away” button.
  3. “Make clear night now” button

I have not been able to use SGP since the last upgrade…it is so frustrating. And no Ken… I do not have the logs. I am looking at the sky and the problem is acutely reproducible.


We’re currently working on a 23 petawatt laser that can be mounted by your scope. This will effectively vaporize the moisture in clouds and provide a “hole” for you to image through (provided you and your gear survive the plasma ball).

The electricity cost is a little much though. And you may need to pool a couple thousand of your neighbors to pulse it for a single second.


Personally, I would like to see one that can be turned up to “24”…

Yes, this is of course a poor attempt at April Fools humor. My apologies if you do not observe it where you live (and this makes no sense at all). Just to wrap it up… lest we find angry posts on other forums, absolutely none of the items on the list are true (or possibly even legal).

I cannot help you then. I can, however, point you to a post that explains it all :wink:

2.4.1. beta coming soon…[quote=“Jared, post:7, topic:1348”]
This will effectively vaporize the moisture in clouds

And possibly your target as well…