Update problem from within SGPro

I currently have v4.0.0.068

When I start up SGPro it notifies me of option to download latest update, but neither are any release notes displayed when clicking to expand and see what they are, and neither will it download the update- message “unable to start download” pops up.

What could be the issue and how do I fix this?

Welcome to the forum! I personally find it easier to just go to the following link and download directly the newest version (beta or release). The new version can be installed without uninstalling the previous one.



Thanks CL :slight_smile:

It was working fine though up until now… but I guess manual it is then…

Current release in 4.0 broke because the update server did not understand 32 vs 64 bit builds. This has been corrected in 4.1 (in beta right now)

Ah… no prob. Waiting for 4.1 then :slight_smile:
Thanks Ken for heads-up :slight_smile: !