Update to SGP V3 to V4

I have a 3-instance license for SGP V3xx and have downloaded the V4 beta. It is on 45 days trial but would like to move to the new annual licensing system and make the V4 upgrade permanent.
Please advise how I do this.

To install SGPro v4 Beta, you will need to have claimed your SGPro 3.2 license first and we have sent an email to all existing SGPro 3 users with detailed instructions. After you have successfully done this, you can log in to the new website, manage your subscription and click “Activate Subscription”. This will take you through the checkout process where you will see the $149 fee waived from your previous SGPro 3 purchase.

Thanks Ken.

I can not find the instruction eMail. As I have changed my eMail address recently, it may be that it was sent to the old address which I can no longer access.

Would you please send me a copy and I’ll take it from there.




Does none have any advise on how to upgrade from V3 to V4? My subscription page shows weird data, indicating my subscription is “ACTIVE” but expires January 1st 1970! My auto renew is shown as “Expired”, and nothing I can find allows me to re-activate it. Every attempt to access the upgrade path takes me to a new buyer page with the full $149 + annual subscription page. I recall that existing users could upgrade without having to buy the whole thing from fresh - does that still exist? I emailed the license support page, but there’s been no reply.
I can find no record of the email asking me to claim my account, but clearly my account still exists.

Please email support@mainsequencesoftware.com so we can take a look at your account and see what is going on.

Hi Ken. I had already emailed but I didn’t get a reply. I will re-send it.