Upgrade to V4 unable to connect SBIG 8300M

I have been using SGP v3 for several yesterday. My outdoor laptop bit the dust so I upgraded to SGP v4 and now I cannot get my camera to connect.
Windows 10 64bit
The camera will connect through CCDOPS and SGPv3 but will not connect through V4 SBIG drivers are UTD. Any ideas

SBIG does not have 64 bit drivers. So only 32 bit applications can connect to the SBIG cameras. You’ll need to use the 32bit version of SGP4.


Hi, I am a NINA contributor who worked with Cedric recently on SBIG support. Cedric created a universal ASCOM driver, and I added native NINA integration for legacy SBIG CCDs.

Someone sent me this thread and I thought I could help out. SBIG quietly released a 64-bit driver earlier this year here: https://cdn.diffractionlimited.com/down/SBIGUDrv.v4.9.9.8-vc141.x64.zip (you can find it on their legacy product support page Legacy Product Support - Astronomy & Scientific Imaging Solutions). From what I can tell, SBIG was pressured to support their legacy CCDs in 64-bit Prism but didn’t want to broadly announce or support it so it is delivered only outside of their driver checker program.

Jared, I recommend dropping in the dll on 64-bit SGP and trying it out. The same code works for both architectures in NINA, and from what I can tell, the ASCOM driver as well (Cedric can confirm).

Thank you for the heads up. I’ll check this out. interesting that they wouldn’t just want to support it through their driver checker. :man_shrugging: