Upgrading 3.2 to current 4.2 64 bit version

I have one question about the upgrading. Can I still use 3.2 and 4.2 at the same time in one computer? The reason I ask about this is that I am worried about my old CCD SBIG8300 may not be compatible with 4.2 or later 4.3 version



Maybe, but not really. First, I’ll say that it’s not supported, but I’ll follow that up by saying that it may be possible if you are very careful not to share sequences or profiles between the two versions. For most, I suspect this restriction is a deal breaker, but the reality of this situation is that sequences saved in SGPro 4.X may or not be compatible with SGPro 3 and further, even if it did open, saving that sequence again in SGPro 3 will effectively remove any new data written to the sequence file by SGPro 4. This same principle applies to equipment and user profiles as well.

Is there a particular reason you believe that SGPro 4 will not be compatible? Newer SBIG cameras use ASCOM, but we have not removed the native SBIG integration for older cameras.