USB weather station

Just found a link to the Blue Astro USB weather station - this may be a contender for future consideration - it seems to write a SQL database with the data and can be queried by other applications. My old colleagues on the 10Micron site are using it for real time updates to their tracking model. I was thinking that the humidity and temperature settings would be particularly useful for noting the onset of mist and for focus settings. (Currently I manually monitor humidity and I shut down if it goes over 95%.)
Might be useful…

It looks like a great (and presumably reliable) replacement for the current Temp-Hum in SGP.

You read my mind. I posted on the SB forum too and there is a response that suggests that they are looking at a weather plugin.

I know the guys are working on an API but would be ideal to see weather parameters exposed so that all relevant data could be fed into SGP. That way, data from any local device, weather station, or Internet could update SGP. Native support is always nice, too… :slight_smile:

I have just bought one. I realize I know the designer, it is Per in Sweden, who developed ASCOM and model making products to support 10Micron mounts. The Blueastro website indicates that it integrates with 10Micron tracking model. It also mentions SGP as work in progress. Interesting times.

I shall sacrifice my TemperMental to the rain god.

Quick update - I have been using mine for a few nights. It is very accurate and has a very low noise readout. It autosenses the COM port too, which is handy.
The temperature is within 0.1C of the AAG cloud watcher value (could be coincidence), though I know in the Winter that will be skewed since the AAG heats its rain sensor when it is cold. The pressure is accurate too, certainly within 1 hPa. One thing that does occur, if you have an observatory, it is likely that the USB communication will limit the placement within its confines, so it may not pick up a true ambient temperature (if that is your goal). I asked Per if he is likely to make a serial version, that allows more remote placement, giving the option of either monitoring optical temperatures for focusing or ambient for pointing and tracking models.
I just need an imager alert monitor, that prods me to stop me dozing off.