USB3 Hardware

As SGP users are the most enlightened astro community, I thought I would pick your brains first on recommendations for the most reliable USB3 hub :wink:
I’m going to dip my toe into CMOS waters and a lot of these cameras have USB3 interfaces. I know from the past that the choice of USB2 hub can be the difference between ‘connect and forget’ and frequent com dropouts. I use Startech industrial USB2 hubs in my interface boxes without issue and wondered if anyone has experience of their rugged USB3 products or similar?

Hi Chris,

I am using

  1. a Canon EOS 600D (Rebel T3i) or newly a ZWO ASI294MC Pro (USB3),
  2. Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2 guiding camera,
  3. Seletek Armadillo2 focuser control and
  4. an Digitus USB to Serial converter (FTDI / FT232RL chipset) for the mount.

This equipment is connected to a USB-Hub EXSYS EX-1183HMVS, 4 Port USB 3 Hub. This hub has a metal housing. It uses a Genesys chipset. It is not possible to change the address or IRQ settings manually, they will be obtained automatically by the system (BIOS) and operating system. Via external power supply it is possible to provide a maximum of 1.5 A on each USB port. It is additionally equipped with a USB peak power surge protection. Connectors: 4x A-Port, 1x B-Port, 1x T-Block 7 - 24 V, 1x 12 V Connector (5.5 mm / 2.1 mm). There are similar hubs with a greater number of ports.

The hub is connected to a Fujitsu Lifebook E746 FHD via a USB3 connection (cable length: 3 m).

This configuration works absolutely reliably. I have not experienced any issues with USB transfers.

I don’t know which frame rates can be realized with the ASI since I don’t image planets or the moon, so frame rate isn’t a subject for me.


Thanks Bernd - I looked at the 4 and 7 port versions and they appear to be very similar to the Startech Industrials ones (including same chipset).

@buzz - yes had the same thought. Looks suspiciously like a Startech.

I’ve used this in the past which was excellent (and got to love the 7-40V power input range!):

Currently use this, which has been working quite well. And relatively low profile helps fit it on the mount:

They both use the “3.0 B” standard port which I prefer over the “3.0 Micro-B”, for cable connection stability reasons.


I use the StarTech USB Hub. One of the features is the unit I have does not have LEDs… which are annoying when next to the scope.


Hi @buzz
Just another data point to consider, I use this 7-port hub. it has 12Vdc 4 amp power adapter. Seems to work very well in my observatory. this winter was working all the way down to -14 degress F without any issue.



Thanks Mark, that is good to know. Cold conditions are usually the test of a good hub. That model is certainly a lot cheaper than the StarTech.

In the end I went with the compact StarTech one, in anticipation of some USB cameras. Not cheap, especially as I have two rigs to update.
I can now sell the USB2 versions on fleabay - they are still about £80 each in the UK!