USBNStep Autofocuser and ES ED80 settings in SGP

I have the Rigel USB Nstep stepper motor and an ES ED80. I am looking to set it up in SGP and I have ZERO clue what the settings should be…is there by some miracle anyone out there that uses this system or can help me in any way? Otherwise I’m just gonna keep mashing buttons until it either does something or I get frustrated. Have contacted Leon already, he suggested I come here.

How far have you gotten so far?

Are you able to connect to and control your nSTep using the GCUSB_nStep app from RigelSys?
Are you then able to connect to it from inside SGP?
Have you read the online help at: Understanding Auto Focus

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I can do all of those things yes…I’m just not sure the proper settings in the SGP program itself which I’m sure make some sort of a difference.

Oh and also that link is very helpful thank you. There’s still so much verbiage I don’t understand. I was hoping someone was using the same equipment so I could see what settings they were using in SGP with the Rigel Stepper to give me some sort of jumping off point.

The main setting you need to get right first is step size. Unfortunately this is specific to your set-up. If it helps, for my nStep + TMB152 I use a step size of 40 and I use 9 data points.

Once you have basic focusing working you will want to look at backlash. Again, this is setup specific, and for my setup I use 800 steps (you really can’t have too much compensation, only too little).

I’d suggest just giving it a try and sharing your results and we can then provide more specific feedback / advice :slight_smile:

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On my AT65edq and nstep I have the following settings which may help get you in the ball park.
3 sec exposure
2x2 binning
9 data points
60 step size
4 min star size
I don’t disable smart focus

Also under the Focuser OTHER settings check backlash compensation and set for IN and 25steps.


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I use a step size of 70, 9 points and 50 for backlash. ES127mm-FCD100, 0.7xFF and the stock focuser - never could get it off to replace it with a feathertouch or moonlite.