Use of Canon 7d mkII with SGP

I have been trying to use my full spectrum Canon 7D mkII with SGP.

One of the problems I encountered was taking flats in the AV mode. It does not seem SGP recognizes the AV mode.

The other problem is trying to use the camera when the mirror is in the locked up position. Again, SGP does not seem to allow that function.

Are the two above true, or is it possible I am just doing something incorrectly?


Correct, SGP expects the camera to be in manual and have the aperture set manually on the camera (if using a lens) or “not an issue” if using a telescope.

It does, we just don’t control it. You’ll need to be sure to set the mirror lock up in the Canon settings in SGP as well as make sure that it is turned on in camera.

Thank you,