Use with Planewave L350 mount

The PWI 4 driver appears as a telescope choice. The plate solves abort. Settings says to use the mount software to make the settings. How do I do that?


Unfortunately, I have no experience with PlaneWave software or drivers so I can’t provide any guidance there. It’s not clear to me what you mean though…

To what settings do you refer? What do you mean by “make the settings”?

Basically I just want SGP to do plate solves like it does with my other mounts. They are aborting. I clicked on the wrench next to the connect button (it does connect) and it just gives a message to use the mount software. You can download the PWI 4 software from the Planewave site.


Im sorry, I am just having trouble tracking your issue. Can you be more specific? Provide the actual error message or an exact sequence of steps? Im not even sure how to begin trying to reproduce what you are seeing.

I will try it tonight and send you the log. Thanks for your attention.


I’m guessing there’s some 3rd party software that came with the mount that you’ll need to run to change the mount settings if the ASCOM “Settings” button is telling you to do that.

I’m guessing you’d access it through the PWI 4 Software.