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Last night was my first experience using SGPro. For the sequence I set both a start and end time, calculating “about when” the image capture process would be through. I went to bed and set my alarm to the time I had calculated the process would end. When I returned to the scope, the process was a few images away from being finished, but almost to the end time that I had set. So, with a few images remaining, the system popped an ALERT (the kind that probably HAD to have my input before it would do anything else. It was telling me the end time had passed and asking if I would like to continue the imaging process or not. So, therein lies the problem - I THINK.

Would SGPro have safely PARKED the mount, or continue to track across the sky until I physically answered the prompt? I would have expected it to park the scope as soon as it hit the end time I had set. I do have the notifications setup, but in most cases I don’t want to come outside in the middle of the night to answer an alert.

So, I would propose a way to “check a box” that says - “Hey, if the human doesn’t answer my prompt in a reasonable amount of time (IE, approaching zenith, etc.) and I’ve just issued him an alert, I’m going to park this sucker, stop tracking and it’s his issue…”.

Is there currently a way for this type of action to occur?


Go to Control Panel then Telescope Tab. Telescope Options /Data. Is that what you need and want to do ???

Dennis - specifically what I do - Equipment Profile Manager, highlight the profile used, select the Telescope tab, and “check” the options that says “Park telescope when sequence completes”. I am wondering what constitutes a “completed sequence”- the fact that we are past the designated “end time” and haven’t finished the defined subs requested - or ONLY if the desired number of subs are taken. The WARNING that was waiting for a response leads me to believe that nothing would have happened to park the telescope if I had not been there to respond at 1:15 this morning.



It is not entirely clear how your sequence was set up, for instance I am not sure if you are using sequence end times or target end times. If you can please include the sgf (sequence) file you were running and the logs we can take a look.

As a general rule, SGPro should never ask you any question that prevents end of sequence options from running. If it does need to present a dialog, it is typically self-expiring. The one exception to this is when the user asks for a sequence pause. In this case, the sequence will effectively end and perform no end of sequence actions… be careful with these. The only types of automatic pause are pre/post event and manual focus… neither of these seem to be what you are experiencing.

Since SGPro will never ask you if you want to keep imaging after an end time (in any way), and will just terminate the sequence (or target), I am not sure what you saw. Logs will probably help.

Thanks Ken. I would certainly expect your logic that you described to be present. I have attached both the log and the sequence I ran. Thanks for the quick response.

Jan Porter


How did you share those docs?

Oh - I responded to your email and attached them. What’s the normal way of doing that? I don’t have a drop-box account.

OK, I am no expert . All I do is make sure the Park Telescope option is checked. When it hits my end time it will park the telescope and stay parked. It will also warm the camera, etc. But you better check with Ken to make sure this is what you want to do. They like to use Dropbox which is free and easy to setup.

Here are the links to the sequence and log files:


Thanks for your help Dennis.


I can’t make heads or tails of any UI element you might have seen. Your logs look completely normal. From exposure to early termination due to end time, there was no delay (or UI that caused delay).

[08/01/17 01:14:30.594][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Current target has end time at 8/1/2017 1:15:00 AM
[08/01/17 01:14:30.594][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] End time of next frame is at 8/1/2017 1:17:30 AM
[08/01/17 01:14:30.595][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Target past specified end time, moving to next target…
[08/01/17 01:14:30.595][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Run event requested sequence break due to time limit, moving to next target…
[08/01/17 01:14:30.704][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Target end time: 8/1/2017 1:15:00 AM
[08/01/17 01:14:30.704][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Sequence complete.
[08/01/17 01:15:02.285][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Parking telescope…
[08/01/17 01:15:02.293][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Park message received.
[08/01/17 01:15:02.305][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Sending park…
[08/01/17 01:15:02.722][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Parked

Thanks for looking. I will keep an eye on it.