Using a serial shutter control cable with a Nikon camera

When I connect a Nikon camera SGP tells me I need a serial cable to operate the shutter. I have the cable connected. Where do tell SGP which com port to use to operate the shutter?

Sgp currently only supports the DSUSB by Shoestring Astronomy for Nikon shutter control. The DSUSB does not expose a com port and should be detected automatically.


Thanks Jared, Are there any plans to implement a regular serial version? Cheers, Ray

No plans at the moment. What cable do you have? We can take a look and see how it’s implemented and go from there.


Hi Jared,
Thanks for the response. The cable I use is described here:-

From a software point of view:-

  • Open the com port
  • Raise the RTS line for the duration on the exposure
  • Drop the RTS line
  • Close the port

This cable works with BYN & DSLRShutter (Stark Labs) that I have used (not sure what else). I would be more than happy to get involved in the testing or even the coding if that would help.


+1 for the com port selection implementation, I have seen many people use the same idea as Ray mentioned, since it is way cheaper to buy a USB to serial converter and modify a cable or remote shutter release. I am also going to use the same idea on a highly modified mono D5100 that I am currently building.

Hello. I’am new in here. First of all, I want to say how awesome the SGP is! I raise this old post, I have the same issue. I’am using usb relay control for the camera. Now using Back yard nikon for taking images, but would like to upgrade to SGP. BYN can operate the USB relay control.

Is there any way to implement COM port selection for USB shutter control. There are many of us using the d5100 still, as it has the fantastic IMX-071 sensor.

Best regards,