Using Event Start and Stop times

When I plan my events I have to plan for trees. I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing which AZ angle works in my yard. I’ve been using the start/stop event planning for my sessions. I’m getting confusing results. I plan a session based on when a target is in view. I set the start / stop times then plan the approximate amount of images I can get in that window. I may have 3 targets in a single night, and I’m generally sleeping through them. I do wake up when I expect the next target to start to verify things are moving.

First target last night I started the target manually, and set a stop time. The guider had settling issues so it increased the session time. I expected the event to stop at the stop time regardless of how many images were left and move on to the next target. It did not. It stayed on the first target.

Second target, I manually started due to first failure. It imaged until the stop time, then slewed to the next target as I expected. No problem.

Third target started as expected by itself, and stopped as planned.

So why did it work twice, and not the first time. I’ve had this issue before and always appeared to happen on the first event. Events after worked fine.

Anyone else try this.

I would love an option addeded that would allow me to put the scope in home position between targets (not park) if I have a time gap when the next one is in view. This would give me more flexibility.

I reviewed my last sequence and realized my first event did not have an end time assigned. I set it up for 2 hours worth of images and guiding failed a few times during the event prolonging the target. The second target had a start time but it did not over rule the first target trying to complete the images I set up.

I ran the same sequence last night with a finish time on the first target and everything ran smooth.

This was all me.