Using (internet) images for framing & mosaic

I was wondering how I can make an image I found on the web suitable for the Framing&Mosaic Wizard to work with. Normally I would enter the name or number from an deepsky object en let the wizard download the image for me. Last week I wanted to capture SH2-91, which is a nebula containing both Ha en O3. The image the Frame&Mosaic wizard showed me, only showed the red (Ha) part of the nebula, not the O3 part.

I found an color image on the internet of this nebula, downloaded the image, opened it in PixInsight, convered it to grayscale and platesolved this image. After that I saved the image as a 16 bits FITS-file. In the FITS-header is now the position of this image (RA and DEC), but not the image scale. How can I make this image suitable for SGP to work with?

In short “you can’t” Currently the only source for the images in the Framing and Mosaic Wizard come from a survey. There is no way to manually add your own image to be used.


Cant he use the results of a successful plate solve and apply that to a target?

Sure but that is not using F & W

Yes, you can even use it as input to the Framing and Mosaic Wizard to use as a starting point. However you cannot use it as the background image in the Framing and Mosaic Wizard.