Using PHD2 & SGPro (AP1200 Mount) getting the mount RA & DEC into Fits Header

Hello All,

Can anyone with PHD2 and an AP1200 who is running SGPro please point me in the direction please of how to enable the mounts current RA and DEC can be auto populated so it gets saved with the image.

I had PHD2 running the other night and tried to connect the mount within SGPro and it threw up an error in PHD.

I suppose I need PHD and SGPro to both see the mount - anyone

Thank you in advance for your time.


I have been using an AP1600 with SGP and PHD2 for about three years now.Not quite sure what problem you are having. Sounds like you are not setting PHD2. Yes, you definitely MUST connect PHD2 to the mount in the PHD2 software. AFAIK, SGP cannot make this connection on its own.
1/Open PHD2
2/Start server (button lower left)
3/Connect after selecting your gear from the drop downs.

The RA/dec will be saved in the FITS headers by default I believe.

yes, this should work. i have been using a mach1 with SGP and PHD for years as well. you should be able to connect multiple programs to the AP driver with no problem.

SGP can make the connection on its own if you save an equipment profile in PHD and then you tell SGP what equipment profile to use when it starts PHD for you. it should all connect up automatically.


Thanks Rob & Terry.

I did as instructed and the RA and DEC appeared. I did use the AP GTO V2 Mount (v5.05.00) as the telescope and that worked. I now need a clear night to try it with the guider PHD2 being used also.

Are there any settings I may need to change in the equipment profile manager or in PHD2?

Once again thanks guys


phd just needs to be connected to the mount, the guide camera and the rotator (if you have one and are using an OAG) i think they have a calibration wizard which will help compute the proper calibration duration for the focal length of your guidescope (or main telescope if you are using an OAG).

once everything is connected in PhD you can then save the setup as a profile.

once you have a good calibration you can configure PhD to just restore the calibration every time it starts up. of course if you change something in the guider optical train you’ll have to recalibrate rather than restoring the old calibration data.