Using SGP with Vixen Atlux Starbook?

Does anyone have experience using SGP with a Vixen Starbook controller? I have an Atlux mount that I modified to use the nexAtlux controller (Celestron equivalent control board) instead of the Starbook and I have been using the combination with SGP.
Just wondering if anyone has used the Starbook successfully?


Hello Brad,

I also switched to NexAtlux 3-4 years ago and never looked back. I think I purchased SGP much later… so, I have no experience with SGP and Starbook… before NexAtlux conversion, I was using Sky Safari in combination with the Starbook for framing etc. After the dumb Starbook, Sky Safari ( the name was something else at that time) was quite an experience… I felt like I purchased a new mount…I felt the same or even better when I switched to NexAtlux…and yet another revolution was SGP, it opened a lot of new doors in front of me…

Clear skies


Thanks Sedat -

That was my overall impression too (long live NetAtlux), put the Skybook in a box and forget about it. Vixen has issued a couple of updates, the latest being at the end of May so I was curious whether or not the update resolved some of their glaring problems.

With that comes the question about IFF Starbook is finally usable, can it be used with SGP. Should have an answer later today!


Final answer, NOPE!
Back to the NexAtlux.