Using SGPRO3 on 4 computers

One of my laptops is showing signs of failing but is still working OK at the moment. I have SGPro on 2 other laptops at present. I want to install SGPro 3 on a new laptop without deregistering the older laptop.

I would only have two laptops imaging with SGPro at the same time. Does the current licensing scheme allow me to install SGPro3 on the new, 4th laptop as long as I don’t run all 4 laptops at once?

I’m quite happy to continue with SGPro3 as I’m used to it.


Hi @AnneS

The current licensing model for SGPro does offer a 4 license variant of the standard 3 license version if you are interested. For additional details, you can email (email allows us to discuss personal licensing details more openly)