UTC planning tool display question

When one uses UTC for date/time the planning tool graph is all shifted out of place compared to where it normally would be. When it gets dark or light should be based on my location, not the clock timezone. I can’t see the set time of the target. How do I set the end point if I can’t see the set time?
Is there a setting to correct this?


I’m not sure I’m following this… you are saying that the machine you are using is set to UTC or something else?

yes. Thats it. Machine is UTC but physically in North America.
Is the graph showing when it gets light based on the timezone or the geographic location?

where I live, it gets dark around where the pink line is. Having the PC on UTC seems to change when it gets dark on the graph.

Currently, the planning tools expect that the machine’s system time match the time of the lat / lon in the user profile.

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