Very long image download times

I have had an ongoing issue with creating Flats with my QHY10 camera. It is only a 2 seconds exposure but the download is taking 5 or 6 minutes. This occurred last night and looking at the log file I think I see what is happening. When I do flats, I turn off the scope and reorient it upward to place a light box. However, I think what is happening is that I have not disconnected the scope from SGP and SGP is going crazy with errors trying to talk to the scope. Granted, perhaps I can solve the problem by disconnecting the scope, however, this issue indicates some bad error handling by SGP.
The log file is
look around 10:45PM


There is not really much we can do here. You changed the state of a a piece of gear outside of the knowledge of SGPro and we don’t really have any great way to distinguish your mount’s new “off” state from a temporary communication failure or the like. The timeout period is determined by your ASCOM period, not SGPro.

The best we can do (and have done… will be in the next beta) is not attempt to query for pier flips during the acquisition of calibration data.