Waiting for Equipment idle/Waiting for guider

SGP (3.2, 32 bit) could not seem to get communication back from my other programs last weekend. I was using a computer that had worked with SGP many times before without any problems.

It connected to everything as it should (I thought). It autofocused. It could slew to the target, and stop in the general location from what I saw. However, when I “Centered,” it would go through the first line of he centering routine, slew a touch, and then just wait, displaying the message that it was “Waiting for Equipment to idle.” The only way out was a Ctrl-Alt-Delete/Task Manager/End SGP. Finally got tired of messing with that, and decided to just do without the Plate Solve/Center. Centered using Cartes Du Ciel and nudging. And started taking pictures.

Except, although the guide camera definitely had stars, and selected them, and was running, and guiding well, SGP just kept waiting for the guider to respond that it was ready. Again the only way out was Ctrl-Alt…

In other words, SGP did not appear to get word back from the auxiliary programs (AP Mount interface, and PHD2 ) that it was ready to go.

Reinstalled SGP, rebooted computer, and all that. No improvements. Then the clouds came and made it all a moot point for that night!

Any ideas?


Not off hand, but if you want to send the logs for that run, they’ll likely have the answers within.

Thanks, Ken.

It might be a while since I won’t be at the desert obs till next month, probably.


Hi all,

I had the same thing happen with mine. Since it seems like you won’t be able to use the scope for a while, I’ll send in a log. PHD2 recently got an update, too, by the way.

Clear Skies,