Wanderer Astro V4-EC Flat Panel

Having problems using the Wanderer Astro V4-EC Flat Panel to take flats using the Flats Calibration Wizard. Received errors regarding setting the illumination for each filter; is there a process to properly set this device up in the Wizard?

I’m not certain what errors you’re seeing. Are you able to share the logs and provide the exact nature of the error? It may be that it is coming from the driver itself, but I’m not sure.

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I don’t have exactly the wording, but I get a couple of errors; one is that the bit setting for a filter (I think this is for the luminosity of the panel) was not set; I corrected this manually but it leads me to believe that there is a setting for each filter that can be set. Is there someplace in SGP to provide a luminosity setting for each filter?

The other error I received seemed to indicate that the Wizard wasn’t receiving return information from the camera or something like that.

Each filter does indeed have its own flat frame settings. The can be accessed from the filter setup dialog by clicking on the button labeled Flats. Additional info here: