Warning about needing autoguider

Ken and Jared,

When pausing a sequence after all light sequences are done and upon resuming the sequence I am met with a dialog telling me that an autoguider is needed and not connected. I am not sure why this is when only darks are left in the sequence. I had paused the sequence with the “Pause after current frame is completed” option. That was the last frame of my light sequence.

I will often pause after the last sequence to stop autoguding, shut down the mount, etc. before capturing darks. I have logs if needed, just let me know.

Thank you both!!

Best Always,



As of, I am unable to reproduce this. I have tried sequences with Completed light events that are active and with incomplete light events that are not active. Neither asked me to resume guiding.

The sgf that is causing this behavior would be more helpful than logs.



It is the beta before the latest one that I am running, If you cannot reproduce it lets not worry about it now and if I get it again I will reply to this thread with my version along with my the logs and a screenshot. It is such a tiny issue anyways if it is even an issue anymore. Thank you for testing it!

Best Always,


Ok. That said… This issue was supposedly resolved in Beta 5 ( This is what you were using?