Weather station properties error

Using the 2.4 beta and getting the following error, when I push the properties button (after connecting and disconnect the weather station):

After clicking OK and trying the connect I’m getting following message:

I have to close SGP and start again to connect or access the properties again.

I’m seeing something slightly different, I select one of the Boltwood monitors, click on Connect, then click on Disconnect, then click on Connect again and get the message:

Connection Error
Error connecting to ASCOM Boltwood OK to Image!
Check Driver: cannot create object type of progID:

If I reselect the device (the same one is fine) then connect works again.

Hi guys,
Thanks for the screenshots which are helpful. It’s also helpful to include the log file for Ken and Jared to look at.

Here’s a log file, Just start SGP, select safety, connect, disconnect, connect, clear error, select safety, connect, close. (2.5 KB)
The connection failure is between 16:04:14 and 16:04:22, that’s when I try to connect, get the message, clear it and reselect the device.

I’m seeing this too. I think some of the connect/disconnect logic didn’t get fully implemented. I’ll take a look and get this addressed in the next beta.