Web monitor project

Hi all,

I put together a small web-based monitor tool so I could keep tabs on SGPro events without logging in to the host PC. I’m a fan of GNS, but really wanted to view the events and history in a browser or widget. Anyone else is welcome to look at it / use it and maybe it will evolve. This isn’t meant to be anything fancy, just a small project to kill a little time until something better comes along.

How it works: I use SGP’s built in SMTP to deliver messages to a web service. Instead of sending emails, the service grabs the messages and generates an event, which is broadcast via SignalR to listening pages. You can have any number of browsers in any location listening for the events. While it’s a bit of a kludge, on the plus side, no additional software needs to be installed anywhere.

Because there are no real emails being sent, no username/password is required. You do need to configure notifications in SGP and enter an arbitrary email as an identifier (need not be real). More information on the site:

Demo page: http://sgpro.azurewebsites.net/monitor/test@test.com/

Happy imaging!


@Bhwolf This is very cool! Thanks for sharing.

@Bhwolf Just had a play with this. It’s brilliant! Many thanks for sharing!!



Thanks guys, glad you like it!

It’s great that SGP lets you have multiple notifications, so I send texts to my phone via email for errors while the web page can view all notifications.

I know Jared/Ken have put a lot of effort into the latest builds and I realize an API is low pri compared to core functionality, but it’s still exciting to think about the potential when you see what systems like Nest, Sonos, etc. can do with web APIs!

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