What are you Imaging These Days Sticky?

What do you think about starting a sticky where we can share what targets folks are currently imaging?

I have had a change to image in the last 3 months, and been trying to figure out what to spend my precious integration time on these days. Would be nice to see what folks are currently capturing.



SGPro users are encouraged to share their current targets and work in the SGPro->SGPro Images category.


I usually head over to astrobin to look for new targets.


For Sharpless and VdB there are two good sites:



Go far in your image quest, they will…

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Personally I won’t post until I have finished the image, if I’ve found an interesting (and perhaps rarely imaged) target chances are that poor weather will interrupt the multi-night imaging run and it might be a couple weeks or more until I get to finish it. In the meantime someone with more clement weather will pinch the idea and post before me! I like to offer a surprise element rather than a me-too picture. :slight_smile:


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Nice! I never knew about those. Thanks!!

I’ve never been artistic enough to be unique :). I’m more than happy to keep ticking away at what other people do. Until SGP can replicate ACP’s scheduler feature and I can just select and let it run!!! :blush: