What exactly does "Trace On" do, if enabled?

I did not find anything in the help file about “Trace On” but I am interested what it is exactly doing if enabled .

Going to need more context. I’m not sure what/where “Trace On” is that you’re referring to.


In my experience “trace on” is simply a way of saying that logging is
turned on, usually in an ASCOM driver for a particular piece of equipment.
I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking at, but that’s how I understand
the term.

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Sorry I meant the checkbox “Trace On” on some ASCOM driver dialog boxes which you can check/ uncheck.

On some ASCOM drivers you can additionally enable another checkbox which is named a.e. “include debug trace”.

So I am not sure what “Trace On” is exactly doing and if It should just be checked if there are problems with that driver. (To analyze by the developer’s)