What happened to my Feature Request?

In an effort to organize feature requests and provide feedback in a transparent way, we have created new categories to which your “Feature Requests” will move.

New Categories

  • 2.4 Features: These requests have been / will be implemented in the 2.4 Release.
  • 2.4.X Features: These requests will be released after the official release of 2.4, but before 2.5 (essentially in a 2.4 maintenance release like 2.4.1)
  • 2.5 Features: These features are tentatively planned for implementation in the 2.5 Release
  • Accepted Unplanned: We like the idea of this feature, but we are unsure of its release date. These features will typically move into a more specific release category as we know more.
  • Feature Archive: We have come to find this is a sensitive area. Nobody likes to be told “No”… We will do our best to explain our reasoning one time. We will attempt to do so with tact, but we do not always succeed in this endeavor. We typically will not engage in debate (though we have been convinced in the past). If you requested the feature, you will most certainly not agree with our reasoning… we just ask that you don’t take it personally.

Just a quick addendum to this…

If your feature request is still in the default “Feature Request” category (has not been filtered to one of the categories defined above) it just means that we have not yet decided what do do with it. If your older request is still in this state, it is usually because the feature you have requested is complex enough to warrant deeper (internal) discussion, but we are not rejecting the idea.