What is the best way of managing the manual change-over of filters?

I have recently set up a Hyperstar with filters being loaded manually via a filter slider from Starizona. I set up the sequence so that it stops between filters, gives me a message to change the filter and then does an autofocus on the resume. All good.

However, I was unable to specify the filter in the sequence. If I did, I got an error message saying that a filter wheel is required and the sequence would not proceed. I had to work around the issue by putting the filter name as a suffix. That doesn’t seem logical to me. I ought to be able to specify a filter name without having a filter wheel connected

What is the best practice here?

Thanks, Niall

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.8

Best Practice is to use the “Manual Filter Wheel” device. It will behave like a “normal” filter wheel but it will prompt you to place the filter. You still get the benefits of all the auto focus triggers and everything else.



Thanks Jared. I will do that.
I appreciate the tip.