What is the maximum number of targets allowed?

Yesterday, I was creating a new sequence for my summer targets. There were about 20 targets carefully selected after hours of research when SGP crashed and lost all that work. Is there a limit regarding the number of targets?

From what I’ve seen there’s no particular hard limit, instead your own hardware is going to be the determining factor. Back in the v2 days I could get by with possibly 35. Now with v3 I can get around 65 before problems start creeping up. I know that if you wanted to do a Messier Marathon you’d need at least two sequences to get it done.

Base on my use, creating a sequence with 20 targets shouldn’t be a problem unless you are using an old, slow, low memory computer.

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There’s not specific limit. It’s really up to the amount of memory available on your system. I would recommend saving often when adding lots of targets.


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