What Plate Solvers Can I use

I recently had my astronomy computer have a fit, and is no longer working. That means everything I had on the computer is basically toast.

That also means that my older version of SGP is no more. I was using Plate Solve 1 I do believe.

I am waiting for the SGP authors to reply to what I am supposed to do about getting another copy of SGP with license.

After that I will have to download software to get the plate solving function back in operation. So, what I need to know is will I be able to use the Plate Solve program, whichever version is out now, or will I have to spend a lot of money to purchase Pinpoint. I really do not want to use Elbrius, as I never figure out how it worked. I like Plate Solver, as it worked very well for me.

This works great for me (and all free):

  • Platesolve 2 as primary means for platesolving. Very quick but needs a startposition from your mount to work.

  • Ansvr as the fall back platesolver. Slower but solves blind. Make sure you download the correct catalogue for your scope setup to ensure it will work.



You should be able to re-assign your license when you log into the main sequence software website. There you can remove the license from the old computer to free it up for the new one.


This is not Adobe. This is friendly software. The SGP website allows you to view your three registrations and delete them. You just need a browser and your userid and password. You can delete the one that was for your old PC and free up the slot.

Well, I tried to use the SGP system, and it does not respond to either my old password/email, not to the new one I established. I am locked out of the system basically.

Not yet - with good behavior, Ken or Jared will reset your password. Just PM them.

I tried something new today. I went back and redid my old email with a new password. Retail license says I have three, but when I try to register the newest version of SGP according to instructions that were sent to me when I purchase the license, it comes back as no license found. If I use my new email addy with password, I get absolutely nothing. I get the feeling that my license is either locked because of a bad login, or that the license is no longer recognizing me. I hope Ken or Jared will be able to solve this mystery.

You obviously have to login with the email that you bought SGP with, SGP has no idea that you switched your email so it’s locked to that email unless you get support to change it for you.

My guess is that you need to upgrade your SGP license to the current version, you probably only have the license for 2.0 and you need to pay a small fee for the 3.0 upgrade.

Xplode, I really thank you for letting me know that if I uploaded an old version, I might be successful, and I was. I now have a registered version on my observatory computer, and can finally get started plugging in all the data needed to get it working.

If ken or Jared read the Forum posts, then I now don’t need assistance. Thiose here got me pointed in the right direction. It just took a few days to figure things out. Thanks Everyone!!