What went wrong?

SGP/PHD did not complete first target, and there seems to be no recovery and or issue with PHD that I could see.

So I had programmed 2 targets, 2x24, after frame 16 of first target it seems the sequence aborted due to issue I guess with PHD, but I can’t see the root cause, also autorecovery did not kick in … so only 16 frames … and then nothing, no error dialogs in SGP and or PHD.

The night before I did one target even with meridian flip, no issues encountered.

Log files;


At 1:38 something happened to PHD. It looks like the guider stopped exposing but it seems that PHD thought it was still replying to requests although SGP doesn’t seem to get these request back.

So, I’m not sure what the actual root cause is but it does appear PHD stopped guiding for some reason. A normal PHD exposure looks like this:

01:36:13.615 00.000 4848 Handling exposure in thread, d=2000 o=3 r=(45,87,31,31)
01:36:16.196 02.581 4848 Exposure complete
01:36:16.227 00.031 4860 Processing an image
01:36:16.227 00.000 4848 worker thread done servicing request
01:36:16.228 00.001 4860 UpdateGuideState(): m_state=6

But the last one looks like this:

01:36:16.765 00.000 4848 Handling exposure in thread, d=2000 o=3 r=(45,87,31,31)
01:37:16.887 60.122 4860 evsrv: cli 03EC4538 request: {"method":"get_app_state","id":1001}
01:37:16.887 00.000 4860 case statement mapped state 6 to 3
01:37:16.887 00.000 4860 evsrv: cli 03EC4538 response: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":"Guiding","id":1001}
01:38:17.008 60.121 4860 evsrv: cli 03EC4538 request: {"method":"get_app_state","id":1001}

It seems as if the exposure never completes for whatever reason and then PHD stops replying to SGP. Or something along those lines. PHD claims it’s still replying but SGP seems to think it’s dead.


There are a few things to note here:

  • There appears to be an error communicating with your main camera. This seems to be the root cause of the sequence failure (I don’t see any issues with PHD2, but maybe I am missing something).
[5/14/2015 1:37:20 AM] [DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Canon: Error in CameraCommand_BulbStart (2)  Error: EDS_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE
[5/14/2015 1:37:20 AM] [DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Error while attempting to capture frame...
  • There is no recovery mode for camera failure (the sequence will always terminate)
  • Even if there was, yours appears to be off:

[5/13/2015 10:57:33 PM] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] * SETTING: settingAutoRecoveryActive = False

Also you should update to the latest Beta. (looks like you’re running 2.4.0). The 2.4.1 beta has multiple PHD2 fixes in it.


Thanks for the feedback,
it’s probably indeed a connection issue to the camera that initiated the error.
Will update to the latest version.
Hmmm, strange about the recovery, it was off when I updated from 2.3 but I re-checked that last night, maybe it’s didn’t stick,
I’ll verify again.