Where am i going wrong

I have bought the asi1600 camera plus a filter wheel, also a brand new computer running wins10, I have downloaded the trial of SGpro and all the ascom drivers. I have made a profile up and saved it (following youtube tutorials). The problem I have is I can see the camera and i can connect, the same with the filter wheel and telesope everything connects, But if i try to run a sequence I get this message " a filter wheel is connected, but target1 event 1 has no filter set, To start the sequence either set a filter or dissconect". I have gone in control panel and set filter so where am i going wrong?

First, please take a look at this thread on how to ask for help.

I think the error you are seeing is because you have a filter wheel connected and necessary for the sequence (it is correctly set up in the control panel/equipment settings), but you have not defined the filter for the actual event. See the screenshot below.

Ok what I am finding is if I connect just my camera it works, if i connect my filterwheel then even though the time lapse is going and everything else is running it does not take a photo at all. when you say "I am not defining a filter in event are you referring to the Ha as shown in your screenshot? because I am doing that I have tried everything with the filters. The only thing is when i click on filterwheel in connect the ascom pops up with a window to edit and also to calibrate? I am looking at edit and the filters are all in the correct order so I have no idea whats going on. Im sure its something small but what I dont know. I would even allow remote control of my computer if I thought it would help

still cant figure it out it is so frustrating, its all connected up the ascom logo came up (properties i have done all that, in control panel i have connected the filter wheel but if I look at the filter wheel on the docking module the button is black and says N/A and it says current filter moving.

I think Joel is trying to tell you to send in a log. The little I know of zwo cameras is that they can have a problem with their drivers and SGP. Check for that at their website, then check CN as there is a lot of infor. there regarding zwo cameras.

Yes, please send logs. Directions on how to find them are in the “How to ask for help” thread that Joel posted above. Sounds like something isn’t connecting correctly for your ASCOM filterwheel. Also if you have the ASCOM driver log available for your filterwheel that would also be helpful.


Hi guys, sorry I didnt follow the correct procedure, but I sorted it now and would like to share just in case someone else makes the same mistake I did which was the baader varilock extender, screwing it into the filter wheel it was just catching the carousel and stopping it from moving, Yes I know I am an IDIOT

You’re not an idiot. That you found the problem is a real + for you. I had a similar problem with my FLI camera and a Precise Parts adaptor, or so I thought. Filters would not center at times and the manufacturer asked that I send it in. It took three returns to FLI for me to convince them that the problem was in the fw, not the adapter. The third time they finally saw the problem and replaced. They had me convinced that the adapter was the problem to the point that I even put the adapter on the lathe to shave off a few 1000ths. Fw and adapter are now happy.

Been looking at the line of ZWO cameras for awhile now before I purchase, so I’m glad you brought this up.

Hardware/firmware problems are incredibly difficult to diagnose - and convincing the manufacturers that they have a problem is even more difficult.

I once spent several months, culminating with a week flying around the American Midwest, because of this sort of thing. My contribution was to spend 20 minutes showing the user how to replicate the problem without using our software at all. The user was a very nice guy who had something like $500,000 of kit and wasn’t paying until it was working to his satisfaction.

I got a pleasant stay with our local rep and Saturday in Washington and a chance to visit the Air and Space Museum.