Where does SGP look for the PHD2 log?

My computer is set up with all the programs on an SSD and all of the data (including the PHD2 log file) is written to another HDD. Consequently, SGP doesn’t find it. Is there a way to point SGP to the PHD2 guide log location on disk? If not, where is the default location SGP looks?


Unfortunately, SGP looks to a specific location for the logs to generate the graph. I believe it’s in your Documents Folder and PHD2.

Sounds like a fancy machine for astrophotography :).

Thanks mads. I didn’t remember the default log file location. I’ll move it to ‘documents’ and see what happens.

The computer’s not that fancy. It’s an Acer laptop that my local computer shop put an SSD in. The SSD is fantastic. Windows starts up in about 10 seconds and programs run like lightning! About $600(CAD) all in.

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