Where is PlateSolve2?

At scope and just downloaded newest version of SGP PlateSolve 2 and its catalogues that I had installed have vanished. Cursing and being eaten by mosquitos. ??


Not sure I really understand what you are asking so I will make 2 general statements:

  1. Your catalogs are wherever you downloaded them. SGPro has nothing to do with this.
  2. Do not install your own copy of PS2. SGPro distributes the version you should be using. Access it via the plate solve tab->settings.

Have the catalogs actually been deleted, or do you just need to point
PS2 to the catalogs again? Control Panel/Plate Solve/Platesolve2
settings/file/set directories

Platesolve2 is no longer in the plate solve list in control panel. Vanished.


Can you please check the about box to ensure you have not opened an alternate (older) version of SGPro? It is in the list directly under Astrometry.NET. This is my control panel and about box together…

Okay that is what happened. I was using an older version somehow. I jsut downloaded the latest version, and it wouldnt let me use the old desktop shortcut. So i think i opened it from the start menu. I dont know why I would still have, or how then to start my latest version if i cant use the desktop icon or start menu…