Where to find documentation for SGP API Guider?

Is there a written manual, or reference, or tutorial for getting started with the API Guider?

I’m using an STL-11000M with built-in guide chip and PHD2.


Not really, too simple. Just select PhD as the guider in SGP and the SGP API guider in PhD 2. Otherwise just follow PhD 2 instructions.

This assume guiding via ASCOM to the mount. If you are using a guide cable you need to set it up a bit differently but I have found ASCOM works fine.

The API Guider comes with a very brief set of instructions for getting it setup.


  • In SGP select the SBIG camera and then in the SBIG settings select the guide chip you want to use
  • In PHD select the SGP API Guider as your camera.
  • If you want to use the ST-4 plugged into your STL-11000 then choose “On Camera” for your mount. Otherwise just choose your mount for pulse guiding.
  • Start guiding.

You’ll need to have SGP up and connected to your camera before you attempt to use PHD with the SGP API Guider.

Is there anything specific you’re having issues with?

For the STL you’ll generally want to use an external guider as the internal guider is behind the filters AND the shutter. This means that when an image is downloading you can’t guide as the shutter will be shut.


Great, thanks! Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t other stuff I should
know, that I’d not found…