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•More trace logging to find mysterious crash / hang that can happen for certain folks at random times.

I like the look of the above :smirk:

I can see the release at the top of the screen but can only find in downloads page, where has it gone, has it been taken down ?


Continuing the discussion from fails to open existing sequence then destroys it!:

Yes, it was pulled as it was corrupting sequence.


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Isn’t it amazing how I was completely blind to Ken’s very last sentence ? ? ?



I have a process that seems to produce this crash instantly (running It is:

  1. Sequence is running taking either flats or darks.
  2. Sequencer dialog is showing.
  3. When an image is downloading, close the Sequencer dialog.
  4. Crashes immediately.

I need to make clear that most of the crashes I have experienced taking flats or darks are NOT caused by my closing the Sequencer. They just happen on their own some time after I have started the sequence. But maybe this will provide more clues.

Here is the log taking Flats with Canon 6D. It had just completed 70 images on its way to a total of 80. The moment I closed the Sequencer it instantly crashed.

This log is a 4 hour run taking Darks with the SBIG-8300M, with not a single crash. Multiple open/close of the sequencer while taking an image had no effect. As soon as it started an image download I closed the Sequencer. No crash. So I opened/closed the Sequencer 3 or 4 times before it was done transferring the image. On the last close it crashed.

I have many more crash logs from this morning if you want them.

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That was helpful.

Curious if you have any more that end with this:

[1/27/2016 2:09:28 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] SaveFileBmp16: Traversing and persisting bitmap data…

Only that one. All the rest end in this:
[1/27/2016 12:47:44 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Created full file name (file does not exist): C:_C2D6SM_C1\Flat\FLAT-C1-wo71_0.3sec_1x1__frame6.fit

I could look back through older ones unless that is new code with

OK. FWIW… I am not in a position to make a full release with an installer right now, but I can provide a an exe file for you. If you are inclined to continue the battle against these 2 sinister issues, we will be forever grateful:

  1. Whole app lock / hang during end of sequence options (usually after park is called)
  2. Whole app lock / hang during the code section that writes FITS files to disk.

To use (if you are interested), simply download the new exe file and replace the current EXE file in your Program Files (x86) directory. The issue where it would clobber older sequences is no longer present in this version so you can go back to using whatever method creates these issues for you (most quickly).