Which files to copy/sync between 2 imaging computers


I’m setting up a NUC that I’ll put on my scope for imaging (no more long cables inside the house). But when I’m imaging remotely, I want to connect my scope directly to my laptop (and not run two computers off battery).

Which files do I need to copy/sync between the two computers to have the same SGProexperience (config files…)?


Open SGPro, go to help “Open Log Folder”:

  1. Copy sg_ui_config.xml
  2. Copy the Entire folder named “Sequence Generator Pro”

This will restore almost all of your settings…

Also in 2.4 you will have the option to save the profile files elsewhere (honestly this has been in for so long I thought it was already in 2.3!)

This feature is nice as it lets you use Dropbox or a network location to store your profiles so you always have them for each machine.


That would be awesome. Agreed using Dropgox or Google Drive would be the
perfect location for this.


Actually, Google Drive is the perfect place to store the images. I will use
the computer on the scope only for imaging and then process them on my
current computer. I was thinking about using a shared drive, but Google
Drive has the advantage that it works in both directions even without a

I used
KrojamSoft SyncFile and I was extremely pleased with the result.

Old Thread revived!


Has this been implemented (that I can save the profile files elsewhere)? I just checked under “Tools->Options” but couldn’t find it.


Oh, and I just tried to copy the files from one computer to another. But the file structure seems to have changed. I even tried to copy the entire …\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator tree, but the result was that SGPro on the target computer didn’t read any of the settings and created a new/empty profile.


It has: